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The Three Most Dangerous Kinds of Identity Theft

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Identity theft is awful, inconvenient, life changing and costly. But according to USA Today the three most dangerous types of identity theft are Child ID theft, Medical ID theft and Tax ID theft. Why?

Child ID theft can take years to discover. Often children will not realize they have been a victim until years later when they go to establish their own legitimate credit.
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Medical ID theft can be scary since it results in your personal information landing in the wrong hands. It could potential lead to deadly medical mistakes. Make sure to review all your medical statements.

Tax ID theft is one of the easier ways for thieves to make money. Make sure to file your tax returns early in the season and shred all your information as soon as you are done with it. Check out this previous post as a reference to when you can shred your personal documents.

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Medical Identity Theft Costs Industry 56Billion a Year: A Threat that Could Literally Kill You

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Your medical records are your personal business. You expect your records to be shared with your doctors and medical providers, right? It certainly is scary to think about data breaches and what that means if your medical records and information is compromised. Check out this article to find out the best and simplest way to ensure your medical information is kept safe and accurate.
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