Drop Off Shredding: A Way To Save Money And Time.

Why Use a Drop Off Shredding Service?

Drop off shredding centers allow individuals to drop off documents that require shredding and pay for secure destruction services based on weight. Drop off shredding services are usually intended for smaller shredding jobs consisting of less than 100 pounds of paper. But in addition to being an effective shredding method for small projects, there are other advantages to this type of shredding service. With our drop-off shredding service located in Woburn, Ma Highland Shredding provides a convenient, and for many shredding projects, an affordable solution for immediate shredding needs.

Drop Off Shredding—Ready When You Are

One of the simplest reasons to use drop off shredding services is convenience. You drive your documents over, and pay to have them shredded based on how much you bring in. Comparatively, mobile and offsite shredding services have to be scheduled in advance (same day service can be requested, but it may not be available or may charge a hefty fee).

While driving a several hundred pounds of private documents to Highland Shredding’s drop off center may not be reasonable, if your household or small business doesn’t produce more than a few dozen pounds of documents that require shredding at a time, drop off shredding services offer a simple, secure, and convenient solution.

How Drop Off Shredding Services Save Money

Drop off shredding services charge by the pound. The industry average for this type of service is around $1 per pound if you go to places such as UPS who will store your documents for who knows how long.  Highland Shredding charges a mere $.50 per pound and will have your documents destroyed that day, or the next morning for later drop offs. However the whole time our business is monitored and alarmed keeping your documents secure until they are shredded. So as long as you have less than 100 pounds of paper, drop off shredding services are the most economical option.

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