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Tewksbury students’ private information accidentally released

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

Parents and families were in for a shock when they discovered that personal student information was accidentally released online. Although it did not list student’s names it did disclose ages and school placement for 83 special needs students who’s out of district placement is subsidized by the Tewksbury school district.
Many said it was easy to identify their child even though the names were not attached since they were listed alphabetically with age and current school name.
The list also included a ranking of the parents on a scale of 1-3, with a 3 indicating a difficult parent.
The principal issued an apology to the families. At least one family has already filed a complaint based on the information violating their privacy.

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The Three Most Dangerous Kinds of Identity Theft

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Identity theft is awful, inconvenient, life changing and costly. But according to USA Today the three most dangerous types of identity theft are Child ID theft, Medical ID theft and Tax ID theft. Why?

Child ID theft can take years to discover. Often children will not realize they have been a victim until years later when they go to establish their own legitimate credit.
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Medical ID theft can be scary since it results in your personal information landing in the wrong hands. It could potential lead to deadly medical mistakes. Make sure to review all your medical statements.

Tax ID theft is one of the easier ways for thieves to make money. Make sure to file your tax returns early in the season and shred all your information as soon as you are done with it. Check out this previous post as a reference to when you can shred your personal documents.

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