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How to Respond to a Security Breach

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

If your company discovers it’s been compromised by a data breach the best line of defense is a good offense. This article has some great information and strategies for getting in front of the situation and controlling the fire. The first and best thing to do is communicate. Your clients want to be informed. As soon as you know, let them know “you’re on it”. Keep information brief and concise. Too much information can cause panic but too little can cause rumors. Issuing an apology may be just what clients need to hear. Let them know you are sorry it is happening and sorry for the inconvenience. It may take years for the dust to completely settle so remember to keep communicating and letting clients know that “you’re on it”.

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Data Breach at Minneapolis Casino

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

The Grand Casino Mille Lacs in Minneapolis has reported that about 1600 customer credit cards have been compromised due to an unauthorized person gaining access to the cards. The compromised information included card numbers, customer names and expiration dates.
Once the casino discovered a breach the casino took immediate action to detect and remove the malware. Customers that believe they have fraudulent activity should contact their financial institutions.

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Police Find Women Dumpster Diving Near Texas Hotel

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Two women were caught dumpster diving according to Round Rock Police. The women were spotted in a dumpster at nearby hotel around 1:30 am. The duo had stolen nearly 100 names, credit card numbers and personal information. Both were found with drugs. The stolen information was intended to be sold in exchange for drugs.

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