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Former Miami Dolphin’s Player Sentenced 13 Years for Identity Theft

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Ever wonder what pro athletes do after their career ends? Former Miami Dolphin’s player Richard Siler spent his post football career posing as a legitimate business man where he stole over 5000 names and social security numbers from his client in turn selling them to a man he knew would use them to file fraudulent tax returns. All Siler asked for was 50 cents per a name.
The former athlete was sentences to nearly 13 years in prison based on violating his clients trust and his prior criminal record. According to the presiding judge, Siler “just didn’t get it”. The eight years that the defendant’s lawyer suggested just didn’t seem long enough to fit the crime and his prior criminal record. Siler was arrested for the identity theft with the help of a man who bought the identities from him.

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Maine Man Accused of Stealing Checks for Mailboxes

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

A Maine man is charged with stealing checks and cashing for thousands of dollars. Ryan Pomerleau of Augusta stole business checks from mailboxes and altered them with a typewriter. Pomerleau invited his friend to go “mail diving” to steal checks from mailboxes. According to U.S. Postal Inspector the investigation began when Pomerleau was tied to burglary charges and discarded mail in a dumpster at an Augusta motel. Mail Fraud continues to be a growing threat. Locking mailboxes are recommended and remember to contact the post office if you think your mail may be missing or tampered with.

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Almost 80 million affected by JP Morgan Chase data breach

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

Approximately 76 million households and about 7 million businesses have been affected by the JP Morgan Chase data breach. It’s predicted that the breach could put financial systems at risk for months to come. Client’s personal information such as names, phone numbers and email address are all assumed to be compromised. Although there is no hard evidence that passwords have been compromised information will most likely be sold on the black market. So, it’s probably a good idea to change your passwords.

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Why Small Businesses need a Shredding Service

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Many clients say they don’t think they need to outsources their shredding. Typical responses include, “We don’t have anything to shred” , “We don’t really shred much stuff”, “We just shred everything in our office shredder”, “We choose to recycle our paper”. For those that are skeptical check out this document written by NAID. It is a great piece highlighting the benefits of our sourcing shredding.

Why small offices should use a shredding service