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What Happens to Paper Once It Get Recycled?

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Although Earth Day was last week that doesn’t mean we need to stop thinking about our planet and how we can take steps to better protect it. Recycling paper is the most commonly thought of product that we recycle. Ever wonder what happened to the paper that you recycle? Here is a list of some of the products that can be made from recycled paper.

Masking tape
Paper money
Dust masks
Hospital gowns
Coffee filters
Lamp shades
Car insulation
Animal bedding
Planting pots for seedlings
Egg cartons
According to the EPA, in 2012, about 70% of newspaper and mechanical papers were recovered. In the US alone, we use about 65 billion tons of paper each year. Check out this site for tips and facts about recycling.

Protecting Yourself from the Number One Fastest Growing Crime: Identity Theft.

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Identity theft continues to be the fastest growing crime in America. Being a victim of identity theft can be devastating for your credit, family, and bank account. It is important to take the necessary precautions to prevent identity theft. The number one way to prevent identity theft is to protect your personal information, of course. This link shares some great strategies for preventing identity theft.
Shredding your personal information is the best way to prevent thieves from gathering information from your trash or landfills. Make sure it is shredded in a cross cut shredder. Also, make sure to order a credit report at least once a year to monitor activity on your social security number. This site suggests ordering a report twice a year. Everyone is entitled to a free report yearly; make sure you take advantage of it!
Be smart about who you give your information to. If a caller seems fishy, call the company yourself. If it’s a credit card company or bank, call the number on your card or bank statement to verify they are the ones calling you. Thieves are sneaky, sneaky! They can even duplicate logos and signatures to make emails look legitimate so NEVER provide personal information through email.

For more tips check out this site. This is only one of many sources to help you become and informed consumer and protect yourself against identity theft.

Is Big Business Always Better Business? Know Who You’re Doing Business With

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

A business is only as strong as its weakest employee, something to consider when doing business with any brand of business. Dining at a new restaurant and your experiences can be shaped by the service you received by your waitress. Renovating your house and your satisfaction may be contingent on the quality of work and attention to detail. Even the teller at your local bank shapes your perception of your bank, be it a local bank or national mega bank. Good employees stand out but bad employees can leave a black eye on the whole business itself.
Chances are, the larger the businesses the great chance for bad employees to slip through the cracks. When a business is no longer directly managed by the owner or president or someone directly invested in the livelihood of the business, that personal touch that a hands on owner has is usually lost. Large, multibillion dollar corporations hire thousands of employees so what are the chances that every single employee is hand selected and groomed by the owner himself?
A Cintas driver is under investigation for stealing documents that were supposed to be shredded. How well is Cintas scanning their new hires and what level of background check are they performing? Assuming that the Cintas owner doesn’t know, or interact with each and every employee its no wonder a bad egg is stinking up its whole reputation.
This is not to say that small businesses don’t have the potential for hiring bad employees but, knowing your employees is the first line of defense against such situations. When the owner of a business takes the time to forge relationships with each of his employees there is a trust that is built. Just something to think about the next you are choosing who you’ll do business with. Maybe big name businesses are not always the name to trust.

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